Monday, February 4, 2008

Theotokos Podcast!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've been working on starting a new podcast. After all the hard work I have it up and running! THEOTOKOS! The podcast about Mary the Mother of God.

If you have i-tunes in the search bar type in theotokos. Or you can go to the web sight for the podcast.

Talk at ya Later


Anonymous said...

It's spelled Θεοτόκος in greek. Look it up.

Anonymous said...

From a concerned linguist to an English speaker:
The Anon is right.

I doubt you speak Greek, and I understand that you probably used the Symbols font to make this, but I thought I'd break down what you did wrong.

The second character in your transcription of Theotokos (when pronounced in Greek as you spelled it) would sound Tiotokos.

Which, yes, is TECHNICALLY correct by English ears. I digress...

The sigma used at the end is in the incorrect form. The sigma that Anon used is used at the end of a word. Yes, it is weird, but your sigma would only be used in the beginning or middle of a word.
What to do, no? It's all Greek to you! (pun intended)

Not a big deal, but good try!

Anson Haag said...

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