Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mass! The Musical! Limited off-Broadway engagement!

This is from one of the blogs I like Hallowed Ground. It's sooo funny with the pics he has for this post.

"The Papal Mass today. What can I say ? So nice to see blatant liturgical abuse done in the presence of the Pope. The “lovely” Indian drum music, with Pan piping in the background. How embarrassing for the Church. The whole country/world was watching, and this was the best American Catholicism can offer? When not playing Aztec pagan pipe/drum music, they were doing a Broadway musical performance. I was waiting for Rum Tum Tugger to come out, and dance in front of the Altar. All the music had bells in the background, yet at the consecration,..not one bell."

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Anonymous said...

I am so distressed by the mass at national's stadium. why the need for entertainment during the holy mass? it was not uplifting (with the exception of the holy father's homily). I am very saddened by this. I thought we were making progress with how mass is celebrated, but I find that we are only deeper into the crisis after all, just like my neighborhood parish. it is depressing.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, there is no time for silence and examination of conscience. If you do a quick time check, the song and dance guitar team monopolizes the mass and the priest's role is totally diminished by a parade of musicians, children handling sacred vessels, members of the congregation etc. all taking what has become a "center stage". Talking texting and rubber-necking throughout the mass including the Consecration. I am exhausted and saddened when I depart.