Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hehehehe..He's so cute! Ok now to the ranting!
Is this you at Mass? How many people at the Mass you go to feel like this? I know I did. This is all I herd "The Lord be with you, Bla bla bla bla.... bla. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord". I admit I'm not pumped every Sunday, but most I am.
Now the million dollar question. How do we help other parishioners who don't want to be there, get excited for Mass? (I really wish I knew this one) I know, it's not like Jesus will be there........ WAIT!! Jesus Christ is there!! Gee.. How stupid am I?
All joking aside how sad is it, that most Catholics are so use to the Mass they miss what it's all about. It's like if the President came to town. (pretend you would like that for argument sake) The whole town shows up, so they can wait to leave. Forget the Pres has a message about YOUR country. Forget that he didn't have to show up. Gosh..Forget it all!!! Now why in the world would we treat our creator like that? Our Redeemer, Savior? Our Lord and our God?!! Man, do we have ego issues or what!!??
Prayer. We need to pray. But, without doing more harm than good. What can we do? Any one got an idea?
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Kev said...

I think you hit the nail on the head. It is about Prayer. Many people go to church (mass) out of obligation and do not prepare themselves before they go. How many of us are in a hurry because we overslept and are rushing out the door yelling at the kids to hurry arguing with our spouse. Sometimes it starts on Saturday night. Up too late doing whatever. we have to be prepared to worship the Lord. It starts with prayer and continues with obedience and discipline. We know we need to go so lets get rest and get up in time and get out the door and go! Thats all I have to say about that.

onionboy said...

After 20 years of being a Protestant minister, every Mass I attend is exciting. Really.

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Jennifer F. said...

I think that one practical thing we can do is to dress nicely. I think it's an outward reflection of how much we respect what's going on.

Also, I am often moved to tears during Mass (that will happen when you spend 26 years as an atheist). I used to carefully hide it, but now I'm more open about it. Maybe it will be inspiring to others to see that someone is really moved.

Good question!

Adam the Catholic said...

Onionboy, and Jennifer, thanks for the comments, and to the Catholic Church. One comment to Jennifer's comment. I agree one should dress well at Mass. But not to downplay someones faith just because they may not see the need. I is ones conviction to dress well. It should stay that way. One's conviction.
Talk at ya later