Friday, September 14, 2007

Ooo..Ooo..Me First, Me First!!!

As humans we constantly have a need or this desire to find out the "why", or "how" things work. The brain, cosmos and God. It's a search for God, weather one believes it is or not. There are those that put them selves first. They seek out the things that make em happy RIGHT NOW! Money, sex, drugs or may-be power. It's all a search for God. One may not know it, but in essence it is. Think about it. Why do we seek out God? Um..Um..Love, joy, happiness... How does all that swell stuff make us feel? Mmmm.. Good.. Now why does that guy every one knows, constantly trying to get a new piece of... know? Cuss it feels good! Even though that guy is going about his pursuit for happiness in a way that puts his joy above every one else. He is still trying to find happiness. But why is it, we have such a hard time getting it through our thick craniums, joy comes from something other than serving our selves.
Is this desire to seek out (or may-be a corrupted desire to seek) a result of sin? Since we cannot be in complete union with God here on earth. Do we see things so distorted, that the truth looks like a lie? All those philosophers throughout time asking "what is truth?". If our vision wasn't so distorted people could ask, "what is truth?" and we would be able to point saying "It's that, right there". (crude example I know)
Look at drugs. There are people that go to great lengths to get that next fix. To get that euphoric feeling back, AND in doing so distort their view/idea of reality. Why is our rejection of reality to the point of suffocating our senses? It really shows how far we've come. In Genesis, Adam hid when he knew he was outside of Gods grace. Now a days, we hide by pumping so many different chemicals into our brains, we're barley coherent. It's that hiding game little kids love to play. "You can't see me, if I can't see you."
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Kev said...

Very insightful. We are in a constant search for happiness and significance! Thank the Lord for bridging that gap through Jesus Christ! It does feel pretty good when you do something for someone else even when it is inconvenient for us. God created us to serve so serve we must! Lets go!!! Where do we go from here Adam? Now that we know what we are to do, how do we go about doing it? Serving God is a big task, where do we start? That is the next big question for you to tell the people about!

Anonymous said...

As to content, I like your analogy about what everyone (okay, most people) is really searching for is God, although some don't know it as such. What many in this society today do not want is a definitive truth. For them, as long as truth is relative, then they can justify virtually any behavior, including euthanasia, abortion, infidelity, gambling and the list goes on.

But we who believe in One God, the Father, Son & Holy Spirit know that truth comes from God and is not relative, it is unyielding and unbending. Some of us spend a lot of energy searching for our own "convenient" truths, but truth is the same today as it was 2000 years ago and will be 2000 years hence.

God is love.

Our salvation is in God alone.

There is but one God, and holy is his name.

If we seek God, we seek truth and vice-versa. Sometimes, the truth brings us temporary pain before it brings us eternal joy - which is why it is often ignored. The price of truth, so to speak, is too high.

Good luck on your blog and in your pursuit of God & truth. I will continue to pray for on-going conversion.

In Christ,

RKLM said...

"Joy comes from something other than serving ourselves."

At the heart of John Paul II's theology of the body is the idea that we were made to offer ourselves completely as a gift to another (first to God, of course). But this means dying to ourself in lots of little ways - it could be as simple as doing the dishes in the home. It may be the last thing you want to do right now, but if it is an act of love for Christ and for the others in the house, it becomes part of that dying to self and giving for others. The challenge is, helped by the grace of God, to do all the little things with great love at every moment of every day.
And that leads to joy. After all, we're doing what we were created to do.

since you mention sin and the fall... before the fall all of our passions were ordered toward God, which kinda means that all of our pleasure and pain were closely related to coming closer or farther from God. After the fall humans began to have concupiscent or disordered desires. Because of this disorder, something may appear good to us when really we are destroying ourselves. But Jesus came to show us the truth, to show us the way to abundant life - which has little to do with material possessions and everything to do with becoming a gift for others.