Thursday, October 25, 2007

What The Church Fathers Say About The Eucharist Part 2

More of what the Chuch fathers say about the Eucharist.

Cyril of Jerusalem "Having learnt these things, and been fully assured that the seeming bread is not bread, though sensible to taste, but the Body of Christ; and that the seeming wine is not wine, though the tastw will have it so, but the Blood of Christ; and that of this David sung of old, saying, 'And bread strengthens man's heart, to make his face to shine with oil' (ps 103:15), strengthen your heart by partaking thereof as spiritual, and make the face of your soul to shine." Catecheses, 22:9
Ambrose "Perhaps you will say, 'I see something else, how is it that you assert that I receive the Body of Christ?' And this is the point which remains for us to prove. And what evidence shall we make use of? Let us prove that this is not what nature made, but what the blessing consecrated, and the power of blessing is greater than that of nature, because by blessing nature itself is changed" On the Mysteries, 9:50
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