Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Abortions. Warning!! Very Graphic!!!


My Lord and my God, what monsters we are. After seeing this, I've never been so ashamed to be associated with the human race. If this is what choice is......... MY HEART IS SO BROKEN RIGHT NOW!!!! I can't comment any more... Those poor Babies!!!!


The Dutchman said...

Most of the photos in that video are of truly horrific late-term abortions, which a vast majority of Americans oppose. I am continually baffled by Pro-Life leaders who take an all-or-nothing approach to this problem, trying to ban ALL abortions (when 65% of Americans are against that) instead of going for the achievable goal of banning late-term abortions.

Jazzy Jean said...

ABORTION is ABORTION however which term(late or short) the abortion was committed. It is simply a devious way to rid one of moral responsibility- the killing..the massacre of a helpless life form in the hands of his would be family.... I am PRO-LIFE and I support the ALL or NOTHING approach to this. The FAMILY is being attacked by mind decieving concepts of "GREAT", "OPEN MINDED" INTELLECTUALIZATIONS...SEEMINGLY GOOD RATIONALIZATIONS that the world would want us to believe. Let's stick to the basics and know that if we must make a stand, it's eithier BLACK or WHITE..GOOD or BAD...There is no such thing as half truth , for if it is just half truth, it is obviously half false. And the devil works this way...scheming "grayish" plots so everyone can have a piece of what is NOT absolutely rigth but only half right.Truth is absolute. And God wants us to tread the narrow path towards the truth..truth is God.Let's all keep praying!

Adam the Catholic said...

In the long term I want it all. But I'll take the little victories on the way too.