Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What are Clouds?

I was catching up on Mark Shea's podcast (Catholic Exchange) the other day. In one episode Mark talked about how he asked his son what a cloud was. I started to wonder what my son thought a cloud was. Maybe marshmallows or popcorn, something like that.

Yesterday Nicholas and I were building a fire in the back yard when I asked him. "Nicholas. What is a cloud?" He stopped gathering twigs to think for a moment. "Ummm...Umm... Clouds are God." And without missing a beat went right back to gathering stuff to burn in our fire pit.

Never have I been so struck in awe of some one's ability of observation. I read like a mad man. Listen to a number of good insightful podcasts. Never in my wildest dreams would I have seen such truth. I would have answered "there water vapor" and not thought any thing about it. But the viewpoint of a 4 year old has such honesty and purity in it.

Yes!! Clouds are God!! There are God on so many levels. Part of God is in every thing he makes. On a bright clear day, they remind me of God, and his knack for creating things of beauty. Clouds remind me that we must play. Lay on the ground, look up and see what the clouds look like. A ship? maybe. Or that one could be a car. Who's to argue.

Talk at ya Later

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Macile said...

Nicholas is precious; and with such a forward way of thinking. Merci for sharing this with us.
Cajun Sissy Macile