Sunday, January 20, 2008

Anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Oh Lord help us!

Well, here we are once again. Time to add another candle to the cake celebrating Roe v. Wade. I wonder when blowing out the candles what they will wish for? I pray they will wish for an end to abortion. I pray those arguing that it's a woman's body... Will realise that the child inside their body is not part of their body. It's not the same as having a kidney removed. I pray those that have had an abortion, or have been involved with an abortion ask for Gods forgiveness.
I love food. I have a spare tire to prove it too. But on this anniversary of Roe v. Wade I'm going to fast. I'm not bragging. I want to encourage others to fast too, or to do something to offer up to Christ. If you don't normally go to daily mass, go. If you don't normally pray, do it. Just please don't sit around ho humming around. Do something!
Talk at ya Later


butch said...

As I told the CCD class I was teaching years ago, Lent is not the time to give up watermelon. One boy had chosen that 'to give up' any food.
I asked 'Did you ever think of giving up a BAD habit, instead?'
I was pleased to learn that some of them ... not only gave it up for lent, but after the 40 days, they were used to not doing that ... and continued the practice. I was proud of most of them. And I have tried ... since then, every year, to do that. Now, even though it has been a long time that I started doing it, I am still NOT perfect; so just 'keep on, keeping on' ... and striving to 'be like Jesus' ... and know that someday ... in our eternal home ... we all will be prefected by his suffering, death and resurrection.

chimakuni said...

Adam, as you pray that those who have had any involvement in abortion ask for forgiveness, may I please educate you?

Most, about 95 % of abortions are coerced. Women feel they do not have a choice but to kill their off spring. Some know it is wrong, some do not. Our society makes abortion a very complex, confusing issue, when really it is very simple - it is the taking of a human life.

Yes, men and women involved in abortions should seek forgiveness. They should also have you and I praying for them - praying that they will come to know God's mercy and kindness and most importantly love, the love that casts out all fear.

Let us help the wounded abortion survivors - not condemn them. Let us show them God's love.

Please direct your readers to Rachel's Vineyard or to Silent No More Awareness.

We are all sinners - the taking of an innocent human life leaves one dead and one wounded, with many others suffering.

Thank you for blogging on Roe V Wade.

I actually went down to our capitol, Olympia and stood with a HUGE crowd in the March for Life.

Blessings - Lee Anne

Adam the Catholic said...

It's sad that about 95 % of abortions are coerced. A guy I use to be best friends with pressured his wife into getting an abortion. He tried everything to keep me from finding out. But out of sorrow his wife eventualy told my wife. She was so torn up about going through with it.
We had known each other for almost ten years. Since tenth grade. I struggled with my choice to cut my ties with him. I had lost all respect for him, and came to see we had grown up in different directions. It's all so sad.