Friday, December 7, 2007

The movie ‘Noëlle’ calls for caution

By Anita Crane 12/6/2007
Celebrate Life Magazine (
"David Wall made Noëlle to open the eyes and break the hearts of those who are numb in apathy. Wall said that he didn’t intend for this film to be about religion, but it is. If he learns about the sacraments, maybe he will make a masterpiece." Anita Crane
STAFFORD, VA (American Life League) - The film Noëlle arrives in American theaters on December 7. On the upside, its haunting music and beautiful cinematography set the mood for a Christmas mystery in New England. Noëlle also treats viewers to a few good laughs. Finally, David Wall – Noëlle’s writer, producer, director and lead actor – is a captivating performer. On the downside, I was disappointed by the lack of character development and the story. After all, Noëlle is painfully misleading about the Catholic faith. Yet when I spoke with David Wall, he disarmed me by saying, “Don’t take this in a negative way – if I had to join a church, it would probably be the Catholic Church.” Of course, I had to reply, “We want you!” Then Wall and I discussed his film. The Noëlle synopsis goes like this:

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